Florence play her pink Mini Box...

a gift for Christmas

Mini Box

byLuis Arbulu

Price: CDN$ 80 / unit

(painted in color)

In Stock for USA

​Price: US$ 60  + Shipping

- A Hand Made instrument / plywood

- Measures: 11 x 10 x 10 "

​- Item weight: 2 Kgs   (4.4 LB)

Shipping cost aprox. 32 US$ for USA

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​ 514 357-4611   


Now, we are manufacturers of the new Mini Cajon or Mini Box. A solid colorful cube in new size and model. This is a hand made plywood instrument of percussion for kids and all the family.

Very resistant, attractive and friendly for everybody who wants to play. You can learn quickly all the rhythms, all your favorites songs and it will be very useful to develop the creativity for children and adults.


Léa-Rose playing her Pink Mini Box and share a real life moment with her father

You can be a part of this... 

Join us!!!

Indoor and outdoor games

​​​​You are  the Party

Red or white

byLuis Arbulu

Price: CDN $ 80

(painted inred - white color)

In Stock for USA

Price: US$ 60  + Shipping

- A Hand Made instrument / Canadian plywood

- Measures: 11 x 10 x 10 "

​- Item weight: 2 Kgs    (4.4 LB)

​Shiping cost aprox. 32US$ for USA

small instruments for everybody

You  can also choose a personalized design made by your kids.

she likes and play a Red Box

New  exclusives designs

Peruvian Flag

Qatar World Cup 2022


We develop a new service for kindergarten, and school. Age (from 4 to 7)

We have fun with kids playing percussion, singing, dancing and doing creative activities.


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New offer of 8 MINI BOX (Kindergarten)

   by Luis Arbulu

   Price: CDN$ 499.00       

   (Red, orange, yellow,  greensky, blue, purple)

   ( 8 units of Mini box )

   - A Hand Made instrument

   - Measures: 11 x 10 x 10 "

​   - Item weight: 2 Kgs

   - Delivery by Expedibus to Quebec