Flamenco Cajon has is a Drum Box with high treble sound. 

Bring guitar strings diagonally above and below, leaving the center free for clean bass sound.

Music: Flamenco

Solid wood body. Very resistant. 

Mohena wood.

Front panel: plywood veneer Cedro. Rear: Plywood Lupuna
Finish: Polyester and Polyurethane. Matt front. Color Black Bright.

Peruvian cajon classic and snare models 

​Feel the magic sound coming from Your hands

All the items come with a Box drum bags free!

Snare Cajon has a professional sound intermediate between the Classic Cajon and Flamenco. Preserves the deep and defined bass of the Peruvian Cajon. There are strings diagonally on top and allow deep bass a clean sound of the strings, which only sound when you hit the top.
Ideal for melting, or to replace the battery.

Music: Rock, Pop, Hip hop, Reggeaton,
 Blues, Jazz.

Classic or Snare Cajon

C $250

C $250




​​Technical Details

 Item weight :           6 Kg

 Dimensions :   48 x 33 x 29 cm

 Shipping weight :    8 Kg

C $260

C $200


C $260

C $240

no stock

C $260

C $250 

Classic Cajon has a professional sound with deep and  defined bass. Good treble sounds. 

No strings inside

Music: All kinds. Fine percussion

Solid wood body and resistant. 

​Dried wood moisture 8 degrees.

Front panel: plywood veneer Cedro
Rear: Plywood Lupuna
Finish: Polyester and Polyurethane. Brilliant body. Matt front.


TYPE of professional instrument:  

CLASSIC, SNARE or FLAMENCO and differents MODELS... Pick up yours !!

Box drum bags is include


Flamenco Cajon

Snare Jaspe NP

Legacy is a NEW SNARE MODEL for CANADA only

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